Our CV

We did projects for:

2019: WHO Turkey Gaziantep: Design and implement a "Train the trainer course for Syrian medical personell for toxicological emergencies

2019: WHO Turkey Iskendrun : chemical preparedness and respons training for Syrian nurses and phycicians who care for toxical agents injured casualties (amongst Chlorine gas, Mustardgas and Sarin)

2018 : Several ongoing projects in CBRN implementation in Hospitals in the Netherlands (Vlietland, st Franciscus etc)

2018: Implementation Officer and coordinator Regional Medical Emergency Evacuation CBRN Team  

2017: White Cross Ambulance Services: Operational Projectmanager CBRN-team White Cross

2016/2017: Development of guidelines and procedures, development of a 2 day course, educate and train and set in place the White Cross CBRN Team. This ambulance team is specialized in transport of patients who need specials forms of isolation in case of eg bioterror or outbreaks of very contagious and/or  life threatening infections. 

 2016: Member of EU governance team for the EU initiative for CBRN mitigation Liberia. Tasks were to provide training and education to the national team on prevention/preparation/recovery of serious CBRN incident and disaster management. Topic for us to provide were bio-agents and bioweapons.

2016:  Co-development and implemetation of a CBRN Medical CBRN-Preparation Trainings Module for st Franciscus Gasthuis Hospital Netherlands. 

2016: Co-development and executing a CBRN Medical Disaster Preparation module for Emergency Care physicians for NVSHA (training and education of Emergency Care physicians in CBRN-disaster response) ongoing project

2015:  Developing Guidelines CBRN all hazard approach for several Ambulance Services The Hague and NOG

2015: Developing a Medical oriented CBRN course for first responders and ambulanceservices

2015: Implementation Guidelines to Small-Scale Decontamination EUREGION. (Consultancy  about educating / training / personal protection / equipment for first responders

2014: Doctors Without Borders: 6 weeks mission as a RN Ebola Nurse in Kailahun, Sierra Leone. Working at Kailahun Ebola Management Centre.

2014: EU CBRN Guiding mitigation strategies in Kenya. Kenya Mission to EU (Center of Excellence). Tasks were to training and educate national team on  prevention/preparation/recovery of serious CBRN incident and disaster management.  Aid in further development national response plan Ebola. Special relevant subject for me were Bioagents and bioweapons.

2014: Project  preparation for Ebola-Patient Transportation for White Cross Ambulance services. 

2014: Medical Specialties: Co-development guidelines EBOLA, Ambulance Service Hollands Midden

2014: Co-develop and implement training for ambulance service Haaglanden and White Cross regarding implementation "Guide to Small-Scale Decontamination. Developing CBRNElearning for alle first-responders

2013/2014 ACM : Advice about Emergency responders concerning Nuclear Safety Summit for Safety Region Haaglanden.

2013: For ACM : Developing e-learning related emergency care and hazardous substances. Target audience: Hospitals, Ambulance Service.

2013/2014/2015: For ACM programs: Virtual scenario development (training) game CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological nuclear threat), serving multidisciplinary performance.

2012/2014 : Advice and live training in acute care about victims of incidents of hazardous materials to several emergency and ambulance services

2013: Advising Academic Medical Centre in Brussels regarding CBRN -injured care, including advice on building decontamination unit.

2008-2014 Network Center GHOR: Since 2008 freelance teacher / trainer CBRN for medical emergency care 

2011: OSGVAA: Teacher / trainer MIGS course (multidiciplinairy operations  Incident Hazardous Goods) 

2012 Network Acute Care Zwolle Project "Implementation guidelines chemically contaminated patients in the ER"

2010 Network Acute Care Zwolle Project " developing guidance for chemically contaminated victims in the ER"